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Our Gourmet Flavors

Our handcrafted gourmet biscotti are offered in ten delicious gourmet flavors.
Our ingredients are all-natural, preservative-free, zero grams trans fat and guaranteed fresh and delicious.

Chocolate-Dipped Classic Anise Almond

The traditional flavor coated in velvety dark chocolate.
Our BEST seller!

Classic Anise Almond

Whole anise seeds and natural sliced almonds combine to create this classic Italian favorite.

 Lemon Poppy

A delicate blending of citrus and seed with a tangy finish.
Light, yet satisfying.

Espresso Chocolate Chip

Brimming with pure chocolate chips and walnuts, and just enough cinnamon to awaken the espresso.

Chocolate Hazelnut

Dark cocoa with roasted hazelnuts and a hint of orange.

Cranberry Walnut

Sweet tart dried cranberries and walnuts spiced with cinnamon and orange, a seasonal favorite year round.

Ginger Cherry

Peppery ginger and tart cherries, a warm, sophisticated subtle delight.

Sea-Salted Chocolate Toffee

Rich, buttery toffee drizzled with dark chocolate and a sprinkle of the finest French grey sea salt.




These flavors are available September through New Years.

Pumpkin Pecan

Pure pumpkin puree and toasted pecans seasoned with everyone’s favorite autumn spices…a perfect fall treat.

Chocolate Peppermint

A burst of Peppermint dipped in dark chocolate and studded with peppermint candy bits…a decadent holiday indulgence.