2023 Year End Recap

2023 was the year of transition for Bucks County Biscotti. So much has happened in a short 12 month span that we thought it would be fun to go back and share both the highs and the lows. 

Safe to say, we’ve never been so excited for what’s to come. 

Highlight: Finished construction on our new facility in NY.

This has been the culmination of a grueling 2 year process and it feels like a ton of bricks have been lifted off everyone's shoulders now that it's done.  

Bucks County Biscotti bakery construction

Lowlight: Dealt with unexpectedly high interest rates on our construction loan.

This caused us to have to readjust 2024 planning.

Silver lining is that we smashed through the potentially highest interest rate period on the highest level of principle on the loan.  

Fed Prime rate historic graph 

Highlight: Hired our first employee (outside the family).

Harley ridin' Laura joined the team early in the year as the first Production Associate.

She's played a huge role helping to scale the baking capacity.

production associate laura

Lowlight: It took a while fully transitioning into a new bakery. 

New space. New equipment. New procedures. It took many months hammering out all the details to feel like a well oiled machine. 

Highlight: Finished installation of an 8000 kW solar system.

Reducing our carbon footprint through renewable energy production has always been a core value for our business.

We're now producing 30% more electricity than the old system, with less than 50% of the SqFt coverage.

Bucks County Biscotti solar system

Highlight: Opened our second biscotti ‘honor’ stand along with the stand in PA.

Not only does this engage the local community with an awesome deal, but it also allows us to a practically 100% zero product waste facility.

NY biscotti honor stand

HighlightWe were featured by Tamani Wooley on the Albany Spectrum 1 news broadcast. 

We have done similar pieces in the past and it's always a fun and exciting opportunity.

Tamani Wooley at bucks county biscotti

It's been a whirlwind and this year ain't slowing down!

Thank you to everyone who has shown their support and here’s to 2024.