Bucks County Biscotti Blog

  • The 5 Coolest Facts About The History of Biscotti

    The 5 coolest facts about the history of biscotti including its origins among the Roman Legions, its resurgence in Italy by Antonio Mattei, its revolution of ingredients and flavor within Italian culture, and even its journey to the Americas.
  • Bucks County Biscotti Green Initiative

    Bucks County Biscotti is committed to sustainable business practices that actively work to reduce the carbon footprint of our production. This includes solar arrays, biodegradable packing peanuts, recyclable packaging, and a no-waste bonus treat for the Bucks County community.
  • The Top 20 Best Coffee Podcasts of 2020

    A definitive guide to the top 20 best coffee podcasts of 2020. Listen to well known players in the coffee industry discuss everything from cultivating, roasting, and brewing coffee to shop management, local marketing and more.